20 indoor activities to do with your little ones

6 Mar

Being a work from home mom, of a 4 and 2 year old, things get busy around here.  I know we don’t all have time to sit down with our kids and make every moment a loving memory, if that were the case we would also be living in filth and eating take out every night.  I have noticed, however, that taking the time with my kids to do an activity ends up being easier than not doing one (and more enjoyable of course).  Sound crazy?  My kids only tend to act out when I am busy doing something that doesn’t involve them.  We are in the routine of doing these simple activities now, and everyone is enjoying them.  I usually do the activities with them, but if I set them up and they know what to do, I can get my own work done while they are enjoying themselves.

Here are 20 indoor activities to do with your little ones:

1.  Beauty Salon!  The big kids had fun giving my 2 year old her salon treatments.  All you need is a couple bowls of shallow water, a towel underneath, and hair supplies.








2. Paint with cars, then give them a car wash in the kitchen sink.








3. Paint with toilet paper roll stamps, just bend into shape, dip in paint and stamp away!  We have reused ours probably 5 times and they are still holding shape perfectly.








4. Play mail currier – make a mailbox out of a cardboard box, have the kids mail pictures or letters, then they can open the bottom to take them out to deliver.











5. Have a mid-day campout, throw down a sleeping bag, or set up a tent in front of the fireplace.  My girls had a picnic on a blanket, then “roasted marshmallows” with the drumsticks from the game Rock Band.








6. Cut up some pipe cleaners, place in plastic cups, secure and watch them move with a magnet.  (click HERE for full directions)











7. Start a band – make a microphone with a tinfoil ball and construction paper.  Tupperware and wooden spoons make great drums.








8. Make Play-doh cookies with real raisins or chocolate chips – the kids loved thinking they were tricking me while I pretended to eat them.








9. Throw some plastic dishes and a dish cloth in the kitchen sink for the kiddos to wash.  I like to use the dishes from their toy kitchen in since I never clean them myself.  All kids love playing in the sink!











10. Let the kids play in the bath tub with no water…. sounds weird I know, but mine love it!  They often set up a “store” with the bath toys and shampoo.  I like to have them play in there while I am drying my hair in the morning!











11. Play school with your child being the teacher.  My four year old likes to play teacher and do circle time, so cute!

12. Make colour or theme collages from old magazines.  Parent magazines, and the kids section of the Ikea catalogue are a big hit.









13. Set up a restaurant and let your child be the cook/server.  We usually use the Melissa and Doug wooden food, but sometimes I will let the kids make me a salad or sandwich and pour water for drinks.

14. Set up a doctors office, use real bandages on the toys.  Warning, we went through a whole box of bandages in one doctor visit!











15. Make and wrap a “just because” gift for a friend or family member.  My kids LOVE using wrapping paper and tape!

16. Creat-a-monster craft.  I make an outline for the monster, and the girls fill the monster in with any craft supplies they want from the craft box.











17. Record a music video starring your kids on your camera or phone, and let them watch it…. seriously hilarious.

18. Plan a treasure hunt with simple clues and small prizes such as a pack of stickers.











19. Have a birthday party for your child’s favourite stuffy!  Dress in party gear, wrap up a homemade gift, stick a candle in a cupcake and sing!

20. Wash out a juice container and let the kids experiment to see what sinks or floats.











What ever you do, just have fun doing it!


Toilet Paper Roll Painting

24 Feb

My four year old had a play date today and I figured it was time to bring out the toilet paper roll paint stamps!  I shaped them (just by bending) into different “stamps”.








I always put the paint on our Corelle dishes because they wash clean so easily, and we have yet to break a single one.  I also prepped my 2 year old in a Messy Kid paint smock  which I put on backwards so she couldn’t get out of (love these!!).











The little kids had fun dipping and stamping the rolls onto their papers.  The big kids liked painting the stamps and their hands – and then washing up in the sink (over and over again)!  This turned out to be a better craft for the little ones.








I decided to throw in some cars for the kids to roll and make tracks with.








Of course a dirty car needs a carwash…. and all kids, big and small, love playing in the kitchen sink!








How cute are these?

Winner of the Pinterest Giveaway

22 Feb

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Pinterest Giveaway, it was great to see the creative boards you came up with!  Using Random.org I picked the one winner out of 26 entries.  Drumroll please……..






Congratulations to Jennifer Bennett!  Here is the Pinboard that won her a new (and FREE) Benny and Boo double sided minky baby blanket!  Jennifer, please send me an email at bennyandboo@gmail.com to claim your prize!

Pinterest Giveaway!

14 Feb

Many of you know that I am now addicted to the amazing virtual pinboard, Pinterest.  I had fun making two different boards as examples for this contest, one for girls and one for boys.  I know that there are a few of you who have your own love affair with Pinterest and I would love to see your creativity come out.  This has inspired me to hold another giveaway!

Pinterest is an invite only site, so if you don’t have your own Pinterest account yet, send me an email ( bennyandboo@gmail.com ) and I will send you the invite.

Here is how to ENTER the GIVEAWAY:

1. Follow Benny and Boo on Pinterest, (click here)

2. Create a board (or two!) including one of my blankets and at least 12 other items.  (feel free to check my Sold Orders as well to pin)

3. Title your board “Benny and Boo’s Blanket Giveaway”

4. Copy and paste your new board’s url onto the comments section of THIS BLOG POST – That will be your entry.

***Please only leave one post per pinboard that you create.  If you leave extra posts without a url,  I will unfortunately have to delete it so it doesn’t interfere with the entries.  If you are leaving me a comment without a url that requires a response, I will happily respond, but delete the comments right before the giveaway draw occurs.  Thanks for understanding!***

5. Share your pin board on your own Facebook page if you want to, but this will not add extra entries.

6. Check back here on MY BLOG next Tuesday February 21st to find out if you are the lucky winner of a baby blanket of your choice!

The Fine Print:

Winner will be chosen randomly and announced on February 21st here on my blog.  If interested, click the Follow button to receive a notification when I publish new blog posts!

Winner can choose from any baby size blanket that I have listed in my shop on February 21st as their prize.  Custom orders are not included in this giveaway.  This prize holds no cash value, blanket only.

Winner has one week to claim their prize, if the prize is not claimed by February 28th, a runner up will be chosen on February 29th.

Good Luck and Happy Pinning!

Personalized Baby Gift

2 Feb

Need an idea for a super easy, but very sweet personalized baby gift?  How about their first initial covered in buttons?

I originally saw this idea on the Joyfolie blog, and made one about a year ago.  I decided to make another one for a friend who just had a baby boy.

I first ordered buttons from this Etsy Shop because I love her selection and pricing.

Because I am not fully confident in my freehand, I very lightly traced the letter G cutout onto the paper I was using as the background.  I used my Cricut for the letter, but there are lots of websites that you can print off letter outlines from.

I used this Martha glue for the buttons, but you can use any craft glue as long as it dries clear.

I like the look of different sized buttons, so I ordered the small/ medium and the medium/large.  I like to start by spreading out the large buttons so they are somewhat even throughout.

After placing all of the buttons, I let it sit to dry for a few minutes before I picked it up to place in the frame.

Voila, framed.  I used a coordinating paper to line the top and bottom just for added texture.  (Also because the G was too large to fit into the mat that came with the frame)

Of course a baby gift from me isn’t complete with out one of my matching Benny and Boo Blankets

Pet Peeve – Hasty Generalizations

23 Jan

You  know what drives me mad?  When a someone comes to a conclusion about a population based on a sample that is not large enough… aka Hasty Generalizations.

How many times have you heard the ever popular, “my mother drank through her pregnancy and I turned out just fine”.

Congratulations.  Lucky you.  Unfortunately, it is estimated that 9 out of every 1000 babies here in Canada are not so lucky and are born with FASD.

Most of the hasty generalizations I have heard lately are pregnancy and baby related.

“They didn’t have all those rules about what to eat  when I was pregnant, and my babies were born healthy”

“My mom smoked while pregnant with me and I don’t have any health problems”

“All of these fancy new safety things that you moms have… there were no standards when I was raising my kids and nothing went wrong.  You’re all paranoid, it’s unnecessary”.

“We never heard of peanut allergies when I was a kid, you brought what you wanted to school for lunch.  Now that they’ve made a big deal about it in schools more kids are ending up with it”

“I got the flu after having the flu shot… it doesn’t work.  You’re just pumping poison into your system for no reason”

Seriously people?
That’s all, just had to get it off my chest.  This blog was not created as a place for me to blow off steam, and I imagine today will be the only post of this kind.

Something New!

7 Jan

Have you felt this swirl minky yet?  It is a totally different but very soft texture from my regular dimple dot minky backing.  It’s also very different to sew with.  Super slippery and very messy to cut!  The final outcome is worth the work though!  I had to hide this one from my girls so I could list it in my shop, otherwise we would have ended up with another minky blanket of our own!