Old shirt upcycled into infinity scarf

23 Nov

This is a very basic tutorial for a friend, so bear with me if I haven’t explained myself super well!  Give it a try anyways, it’s a super simple project, literally took about 10 minutes total. 


I found a shrunken shirt of my hubby’s and cut the bottom off to use as the scarf. 


Next, I cut one of the sides open.Image


I then folded it lengthwise, right sides together so it was long and skinny.



I used my sewing machine to stitch along the top line, leaving the two sides unstitched. 



Next, I just reached in and turned it right side out.



This part might seem confusing but it’s really not at all.  Just match up the two open ends and sew with your machine around the edges until you can no longer go any further because of the scarf bulk in the middle.  Just try it, you will understand what I mean as you do it. 





This is what I mean about the bulk in the middle…



Now just fold so it’s all right side out and hand stitch that little hole closed.


(notice how my lines don’t line up at all…  oh well)

VOILA, you have an infinity scarf made from an old shirt that hasn’t been warn in years and was just taking up space in your closet!  

Happy scarf sewing!








One Response to “Old shirt upcycled into infinity scarf”

  1. Alayne November 24, 2012 at 6:04 pm #

    So creative, love it! And Molly is too cute in these pics.

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