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Back to School

11 Sep

It’s that time of year again, and this year Back to School has taken both of my babies with it!  My oldest daughter started Kindergarten and my youngest began Play School.  They are both very excited about school, and although I am having a hard time adjusting to full day kindergarten, my daughter is loving it.

Here are some pictures I took for their first days.  I took their pictures in front of a blank white board and used this amazing website to add the text.  This type of picture also looks great in front of a brick wall with white text.  

I plan on taking these pictures on the first day of school each year, and am excited to see how my girls grow and how their little personalities change!  This is a good way to remember how your children were at each age.  Since we can’t remember every detail of every year, it’s an easy way to sum it up!Image



Now that the weather is turning and there is a definite chill in the air, if you are considering ordering Benny and Boo blankets for Christmas, please get your orders in early.  All custom orders take approx. 4-5 weeks.  All in stock blankets will be shipped with in 48 hours from purchase.

Happy pumpkin season!