Toilet Paper Roll Painting

24 Feb

My four year old had a play date today and I figured it was time to bring out the toilet paper roll paint stamps!  I shaped them (just by bending) into different “stamps”.








I always put the paint on our Corelle dishes because they wash clean so easily, and we have yet to break a single one.  I also prepped my 2 year old in a Messy Kid paint smock  which I put on backwards so she couldn’t get out of (love these!!).











The little kids had fun dipping and stamping the rolls onto their papers.  The big kids liked painting the stamps and their hands – and then washing up in the sink (over and over again)!  This turned out to be a better craft for the little ones.








I decided to throw in some cars for the kids to roll and make tracks with.








Of course a dirty car needs a carwash…. and all kids, big and small, love playing in the kitchen sink!








How cute are these?


One Response to “Toilet Paper Roll Painting”

  1. Alayne February 24, 2012 at 4:50 am #

    Adorable! I bet they had a blast.

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