Home Made Stocking Stuffer Idea

21 Dec

My four year old LOVES to wrap and give gifts, so when she wanted to make something for her (almost) two year old sister, we came up with a simple idea.  I originally saw this on Pinterest.

If you want to do this as a surprise for your kids’ stocking stuffers you can make them a lot fancier than my daughter did 🙂

All you need are a few pipe cleaners, some plastic cups, glue, ribbon and a magnet.

Cut up the pipe cleaners into small bits and drop into one plastic cup.

Glue the other cup on top and seal with ribbon.

Use a SIZE/AGE appropriate magnet to manoeuvre the pipe cleaners around the edges of the cups.

Great for home made stocking stuffers, or for a quiet game in the car!
**** Be sure to use AGE and SIZE appropriate magnets for your children, as many fridge magnets can be a choking hazard. ****

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